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"Return of the King!
Sunday December 24 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 04:29pm 0 Comments

Merry Christmas to everyone! I have turned the reigns of leadership back over to Rexmo (aka Ohrex) Wishing everyone a wonderful New Year. -- Tanalos --
Monday September 18 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 09:48pm 0 Comments

DROGA DOWN!! Wiped at 1% on the 17th, regrouped, came back,
and made it look like clockwork on the 18th! Huge Gratz to everyone on this. Event plays against our biggest weaknesses (lack of melee vs casters) during last 15% so it took a bit longer than we'd liked to admit. On with the next set of EoK events!!
User Posted Image
"New Raid Event in EoK!
Tuesday June 27 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 11:05pm 0 Comments

With Gorenaire, Emollious, and a few others locked out it was time to move on. Did Droga on the 26th and got him to 60%. 3 of the 4 priests on the ladder killed before we wiped to the emotes. Not a bad way to start the event the other night!User Posted Image
"EoK 1 Gorenarie Down!
Tuesday June 27 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 11:00pm 0 Comments

Late on the update a few weeks ago. Gorenaire down x 2 so far!User Posted Image
"1st EoK Event Almost Down!
Monday May 22 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 07:50pm 0 Comments

Gorenaire almost down! Got em to 59% tonight and faced all those ebil little adds. Should have the event down shortly once we get that last crowd control piece.User Posted Image
"Emollious Takes a Dirt Nap
Tuesday March 28 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 11:20pm 0 Comments

Emollious fell to the combine forces 27 March 2017 as the first of the Tier 2 TBM raids last night. He put up a good fight but once we had him cornered and figured out his mechanics the fight was ours (shaky at first but ours!) Tier 2 deaths mean faster flagging because of the 16 spirit drops to round out peoples missing events.
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
"Bust out the tractor because they're on farm!
Thursday March 16 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 10:15pm 0 Comments

- Vim and Vigor
- Wither and Decay
- Lady of Life
Starting Tier II within the next couple weeks due to a quarter of the raid still needing the full 16 wins for flagging.

In the mean time, 18th Anniversary is upon us so lots of augs and goodies for everyone!

Heroic Wednesday is now up to RoF and earlier expansions. Any gold account logging in during the anniversary gets flagged for a free heroic toon so come on out and join the fun!!

"Wither & Decay Beaten!
Monday February 06 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 08:15pm 0 Comments

Wither & Decay meets their makers with CV and ES visiting Ashanti Sul in Life tonight. Ms. AS was down to 6% tonight so the march on Mirrors continues!
User Posted Image
"Payback on Dracoliche 23 JAN 2017
Monday February 06 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 08:11pm 0 Comments

Dracoliche finally pays the price, oh sweet revenge!
User Posted Image
"Bout Time for an Update or Two!
Monday February 06 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 08:05pm 0 Comments

Vim & Vigor Win JAN 2017 w/ CV and ES!
User Posted Image

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