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"Great Back to Back Kills!
Tuesday April 28 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:35pm 0 Comments

Beat down for Crystal Caverns, Eastern Wastes, and Evantil back to back 26 April!
The flags are still coming in and the loot is still flowing. Who says the summer survival is upon us?? It's really nice seeing new faces and beating down content without issue.

Evantil  ()  04/26/15 Loot:

RandomedLoot -> Bank (115 DKP)

East Wastes  ()  04/26/15 Loot:

RandomedLoot -> Bank (120 DKP)

Danelas Stand  ()  04/26/15 Loot:

RandomedLoot -> Bank (110 DKP)
"CV Beats Evantil!
Monday March 09 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:54pm 0 Comments

The Nest Protector hath fallen and other than full event reset on single wipes, Nest Protector leashing at the door going back to full life, and all those nasty little insects eating casters we have a doable event! Very happy to see everyone stick it out for that last attempt as the night grew long. We've got some dragons and piggies to slay next CV...
User Posted Image

Evantil (take 3)  ()  03/09/15 Loot:

FirstTimeBonus -> Bank (2388 DKP)
Vinewood Ring -> Ackura (350 DKP)
Dread Bracer -> Rexmo (272 DKP)
Dread Bracer -> Levit (272 DKP)
Shardheart -> Rexmo (150 DKP)
Primed Fragment of Fearlinked Zeal -> Kelthorg (150 DKP)
Greater Terrormote -> Wizoord (0 DKP)
Greater Terrormote -> Pepie (0 DKP)
Median Terrormote -> Vhaelk (0 DKP)
Glowing Terrormote -> Koza (0 DKP)
"Evantil's Nest Protector Hanging on by a Root!
Thursday March 05 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:59pm 0 Comments

User Posted ImageHe's down to 11% on our best attempt. Be there for our 1st Kill!
"CV Completes Rain of Fear Tier 1
Tuesday January 13 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:19pm 0 Comments

There's something to be said for sheer persistence. One of the oldest guilds remaining (over 12 years and three server mergers to be precise) continues to nurture a family/raid guild environment. Last night was a very special win for CV bringing old and new friends together in one of those milestone events. The dragon is dead and Tier 2 is open. Special thanks to select members of Enceladus, Order of the Ancient Dragon, and Keepers of the Glade. This took far longer than we could have imagined but the victory was that much better! Tanalos
User Posted Image
"CV Christmas Decorating Contest Results are in!
Monday January 12 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 08:55am 0 Comments

Congratulations to our members who took the time to decorate your houses.
1st Prize: Mazoola
2nd Prize: Arvedui
3rd Prize: Burkeena

Gratz on the Krono, Station Cash, and Plat!

Click me for CV Winter Wonderland...
User Posted Image
Thursday November 13 2014 - submitted by tanalos at 11:05pm 0 Comments

Crusaders Valorous was created November 13th, 2002. Many have come and gone throughout our days of groups, raids, and adventures but its the personalities that make this such a wonderful and memorable guild. 12 years is no small feat and it brings us great pleasure to say here's to many more! Where many have folded CV has stood the test of time.
User Posted Image
"Our Next Victim
Sunday June 08 2014 - submitted by Angeal at 12:55pm 0 Comments


User Posted Image
"Bam! One Two Punch
Monday May 26 2014 - submitted by Angeal at 11:06pm 0 Comments

An exciting night for CV as we took down the Dain for our second time and had our first time kill in Crystal Caverns.

They say a rolling stone gathers no moss and neither does a falling stone. Headache!!! Look out below!

User Posted Image

Rolling right on along the ole Rain of Fear progression trail. Wish you were here!

User Posted Image

CC - Danelas Stand (take 2)  ()  05/26/14 Loot:

FirstTimeKillBonus -> Bank (2154 DKP)
Frosted Sash of Frozen Thought -> Kallix (475 DKP)
Frosthewn Shortbow -> Valadus (150 DKP)
Primed Fragment of Fearlinked Zeal -> Angeal (150 DKP)

Kael - King Tormax (take 2)  ()  05/26/14 Loot:

Backup Plan -> Zdac (720 DKP)
Dread Touched Leggings -> Bits (279 DKP)
Primed Fragment of Fearlinked Zeal -> Kinyenya (150 DKP)
"The Dain Is Dead! The Dain Is Dead!
Monday May 19 2014 - submitted by Angeal at 07:50pm 0 Comments

Long Live The King!

User Posted Image

Congratulations to all of us!! Great kill and great loot.

Meanwhile... Back at the farm.

User Posted Image

Kael - King Tormax  ()  05/19/14 Loot:

FirstTimeKillBonus -> Bank (3382 DKP)
Glory Abound -> Bits (950 DKP)
Zealots Collar -> Tanalos (700 DKP)
Primed Fragment of Fearlinked Zeal -> Pepie (400 DKP)
Dread Touched Helm -> Airdance (266 DKP)
"Some rooms of our GH from talented players
Monday May 05 2014 - submitted by Arvedui at 09:45pm 0 Comments

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image

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