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"Getting Close to beating Captain Tita's Ghost (Arx 1a)
Tuesday October 27 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 12:35am 0 Comments

Our 2nd chance to try Arx Mentis 1a (win or lose the event gives you a lockout)
Tonight we got the old girl to 6%. Far less death and dying compared to our first
attempt last week. The 1 off events offer all visible armor slots minus the chest and some very nice gear upgrades!
2 wins so far on Arx Mentis 1 and with 2 more keys we begin the push for Arx 2 and 2a.
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
"Arx Mentis 1 Beaten!!
Saturday October 17 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:07pm 0 Comments

Very hard fought win where a single emote failure can tip the scales to an instant wipe. We've had our doubts, we've taken some record deaths, but ding dong the lockout's there!
Gratz to Yurda on her new hammer (Sledge of the Indagatorum) and Blurberry on her new RkIII mez spell. For those of you holding out for us to beat it, you may return =p

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
"Updates and Info
Wednesday September 30 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 10:25pm 0 Comments

CV is almost finished with our first TDS raid and it's good to see some of those players knocking the rust off after a long summer! We continue to farm Tier 1 and 2 CotF events for raid coins and armor but the focus has turned more towards TDS.
If you're just coming back from that summer break, work related hiatus, or recently apping then welcome! No flags are necessary to participate in our current raids because we had a very loot and flag intensive summer.

For quicker updates please look to the CV Facebook page for info

Congrats to our newest full members; Blurberry, Discyple, and Coreyy

See you all in Norrath!

"Great Week So Far!!
Tuesday August 04 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 08:10pm 0 Comments

This is shaping up to be a really fun week.
Neriak 1 and 2 locked
Dead Hills 2 locked
Bixie 2 locked
Argin Hiz locked
Tower of Rot had Kyle Bayle down to 9% on our first try!
Lets go back and finish the job...

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
"CV and ES take down Argin Hiz Raid!!
Thursday July 16 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 08:47pm 0 Comments

CV and ES continue the streak of kills this summer and man is that a long fight!!
Gratz to members on the following loot;
Boledarx: Cowl of Dark Providence
Terrormax: Gilded Hammer of Ro's Light
Mytto: Mantle of Power
Tanalos: Aylinvar, Longbow of the Sol'Dal

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
User Posted Image
"Bixie Nest Riled Up and Put Down Tonight!
Thursday June 25 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:09pm 0 Comments

Down Goes Bixie 1 and 2 Tonight, gotta say its been a really fun week. This event marks the first Tier II CotF flagged members opening up some challenging fights!
Gratz to Boledarx on Lampyrid Stiletto, Soulsavior's Blued Steelforce Crusher rotted because CV didn't have any clerics, druids, or shamans on to loot it.
Gratz to Leslie on the Blue Steelforce Longbow and Terrormax on the Talisman of Encircled Minds!

User Posted Image
User Posted Image
"CV Joint Raid Nets EWK2 and Neriak2 Wins!
Monday June 22 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:06pm 0 Comments

So there we are minding our own business in CotF with some friends when these guys happen to die....EWK2 and Neriak2
- Tanalos Lance of the Bloodfiend
- Terrormax Shawl of Redemption
- Kelthorg Glimmering Cloak
- Leslie Dragoon's Crusher
- Terrormax Brilliant Diamond Encrusted Sash
User Posted Image
"Lady Vox Chokes to Death on CV's Big Phat Boot
Sunday June 21 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 08:22pm 0 Comments

Happy Fathers Day! To celebrate CV and friends killed Lady Vox after the Day Break Staff finally fixed raid instances. Real stingy loot with 2 eye patches and a bag, no Cirlce of Power III clickies tonight. Thanks for sticking it out and making this a fun run!!User Posted Image
"Great Back to Back Kills!
Tuesday April 28 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:35pm 0 Comments

Beat down for Crystal Caverns, Eastern Wastes, and Evantil back to back 26 April!
The flags are still coming in and the loot is still flowing. Who says the summer survival is upon us?? It's really nice seeing new faces and beating down content without issue.

Evantil  ()  04/26/15 Loot:

RandomedLoot -> Bank (115 DKP)

East Wastes  ()  04/26/15 Loot:

RandomedLoot -> Bank (120 DKP)

Danelas Stand  ()  04/26/15 Loot:

RandomedLoot -> Bank (110 DKP)
"CV Beats Evantil!
Monday March 09 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:54pm 0 Comments

The Nest Protector hath fallen and other than full event reset on single wipes, Nest Protector leashing at the door going back to full life, and all those nasty little insects eating casters we have a doable event! Very happy to see everyone stick it out for that last attempt as the night grew long. We've got some dragons and piggies to slay next CV...
User Posted Image

Evantil (take 3)  ()  03/09/15 Loot:

FirstTimeBonus -> Bank (2388 DKP)
Vinewood Ring -> Ackura (350 DKP)
Dread Bracer -> Rexmo (272 DKP)
Dread Bracer -> Levit (272 DKP)
Shardheart -> Rexmo (150 DKP)
Primed Fragment of Fearlinked Zeal -> Kelthorg (150 DKP)
Greater Terrormote -> Wizoord (0 DKP)
Greater Terrormote -> Pepie (0 DKP)
Median Terrormote -> Vhaelk (0 DKP)
Glowing Terrormote -> Koza (0 DKP)

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