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"The Mobs Continue To Drop For CV!
Saturday April 23 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 09:35pm 0 Comments

23 APR 16
Fright, Dread, AND Terror take a dirt nap! First time kills on both Fright and Terror unlocking more vendor loot and our first time seeing the chest of cloaks and fun filled treats. For one chest to drop after killing 3 separate raid mobs you'd hope they'd pack that sucker. It's been a darn good week for CV/ES together on these mobs. Here's to continued fun and mass rezing!

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"Down Goes Praetor Vitio!
Monday April 18 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 10:50pm 0 Comments

One Off events are painful, you get one shot in a week and it's locked out. Not much room for practice with so much out there to kill but with some pressure Ole' Vitio finally went down tonight! Gratz to Anguus on the cultural aug, Genanie on the 1h caster wpn, and Calinae on Surety Rk. III (to name a few) Great heals, Excellent tank swaps, and good job to everyone paying attention to the emotes. Unlike many of these raids this Arx event punishes the person for failures. 2 fails and you're booted from zone but I guess that beats 1 person wiping a raid like we use to see in Arx events! Very happy with the tenacity to keep going after these events.
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"Maestro Fell Tonight! Innoruuk Issues a New Challenge
Sunday February 07 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 02:16am 0 Comments

Maestro gave up the goods tonight and it was a hard fought victory sorting through cures, timing, and a whole lotta rezzing. As the night went on we cleared a portion and went after the Prince of Hate himself. Innoruuk will soon join the likes of Maestro but until then he clearly told CV.. "Come at me bro!"
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"Plane of Hate Revisited 12 JAN 16
Thursday January 14 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 05:58pm 0 Comments

Somebody's getting closer...
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"Back in the Saddle for 2016!
Monday January 04 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 08:41pm 0 Comments

First Big Kill of 2016 Dread in the Plane of Fear Revisited!
Gotta refine our break-in/clear strat to unlock HPs faster but it's good to have our first New Year kill so soon.

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User Posted Image
Thursday December 31 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 04:09pm 0 Comments

Wishing everyone a safe and happy New Year!
Due to losing so many historic pictures we've archived what we can as a 13th Anniversary pic gallery. So many memories and so many more to make!

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"Crusaders Valorous 13th Birthday! (pics are a wee bit late)
Monday November 30 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 03:35pm 0 Comments

Another year has come and gone yet Crusaders Valorous stands the test of time! November 12th, 2015 (ok so I'm a bit slow...) For 13 years now in one form or fashion we've kept the fires burning and after 22 expansions that's not too shabby! I got a couple screenshots but a lot of people were missing. Posting the ones from the Housing area and Arx Mentis raid but we're gathering up a blast from the past series of pics to post. Many have come and gone over the years to real life, other guilds/servers, or have passed on. Each of you has contributed to the success of this guild and we'll post a good deal of archival pictures shortly. Enjoy the new expansion, make new friends, and here's to another year together in CV! --The Cookie--
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"Getting Close to beating Captain Tita's Ghost (Arx 1a)
Tuesday October 27 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 12:35am 0 Comments

Our 2nd chance to try Arx Mentis 1a (win or lose the event gives you a lockout)
Tonight we got the old girl to 6%. Far less death and dying compared to our first
attempt last week. The 1 off events offer all visible armor slots minus the chest and some very nice gear upgrades!
2 wins so far on Arx Mentis 1 and with 2 more keys we begin the push for Arx 2 and 2a.
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"Arx Mentis 1 Beaten!!
Saturday October 17 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 09:07pm 0 Comments

Very hard fought win where a single emote failure can tip the scales to an instant wipe. We've had our doubts, we've taken some record deaths, but ding dong the lockout's there!
Gratz to Yurda on her new hammer (Sledge of the Indagatorum) and Blurberry on her new RkIII mez spell. For those of you holding out for us to beat it, you may return =p

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"Updates and Info
Wednesday September 30 2015 - submitted by tanalos at 10:25pm 0 Comments

CV is almost finished with our first TDS raid and it's good to see some of those players knocking the rust off after a long summer! We continue to farm Tier 1 and 2 CotF events for raid coins and armor but the focus has turned more towards TDS.
If you're just coming back from that summer break, work related hiatus, or recently apping then welcome! No flags are necessary to participate in our current raids because we had a very loot and flag intensive summer.

For quicker updates please look to the CV Facebook page for info

Congrats to our newest full members; Blurberry, Discyple, and Coreyy

See you all in Norrath!


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