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"Emollious Takes a Dirt Nap
Tuesday March 28 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 11:20pm 0 Comments

Emollious fell to the combine forces 27 March 2017 as the first of the Tier 2 TBM raids last night. He put up a good fight but once we had him cornered and figured out his mechanics the fight was ours (shaky at first but ours!) Tier 2 deaths mean faster flagging because of the 16 spirit drops to round out peoples missing events.
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"Bust out the tractor because they're on farm!
Thursday March 16 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 10:15pm 0 Comments

- Vim and Vigor
- Wither and Decay
- Lady of Life
Starting Tier II within the next couple weeks due to a quarter of the raid still needing the full 16 wins for flagging.

In the mean time, 18th Anniversary is upon us so lots of augs and goodies for everyone!

Heroic Wednesday is now up to RoF and earlier expansions. Any gold account logging in during the anniversary gets flagged for a free heroic toon so come on out and join the fun!!

"Wither & Decay Beaten!
Monday February 06 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 08:15pm 0 Comments

Wither & Decay meets their makers with CV and ES visiting Ashanti Sul in Life tonight. Ms. AS was down to 6% tonight so the march on Mirrors continues!
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"Payback on Dracoliche 23 JAN 2017
Monday February 06 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 08:11pm 0 Comments

Dracoliche finally pays the price, oh sweet revenge!
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"Bout Time for an Update or Two!
Monday February 06 2017 - submitted by tanalos at 08:05pm 0 Comments

Vim & Vigor Win JAN 2017 w/ CV and ES!
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"Playing Catch-Up
Thursday November 03 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 04:14pm 0 Comments

Lately we've put a lot of info on our Facebook page and we're more than over due for an update here. There's been a lot of hit or miss nights raiding-wise with all the outages, holidays, and the like but I just wanted to assure you CV's still here and still grinding away! If you've found yourself deguilded when logging back in we need to re-add you. The Daybreak patch that booted full guilds, wiped notes pages and took out housing areas appears to be behind us although some anomalies remain.

On a happier note we're coming up on CV's 14th Birthday!! As always we'll have some sort of event going in and preparing for the holiday season ahead. Wishing you all the best in and out of Norrath. -- Tanalos --
"On to Wither & Decay!
Tuesday August 23 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 08:08pm 0 Comments

Maestro and Inny are down right now so why sit around when there's good raiding to be done! Went after Wither & Decay last night, it's already looking promising. Wither @ 65 Decay at 70 for a first night and low numbers. Really exciting about this one especially with so few guilds doing these events.
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"Innoruuk Fell Down, Went BOOM!
Sunday August 21 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 07:26pm 0 Comments

20 August Inny Fell!
Only a handful of guilds on Bertox have done it and this was a sweet victory.
Less than 40 mains and a whole lotta emote running but this guy finally took the dirt nap for us!!

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"Summer Survival is Upon Us!
Wednesday July 06 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 08:45pm 0 Comments

Are we still taking down targets each week, hellz yeah! Is it as much as we or any other raid guild on most servers would like to see? Not by a long shot. Some will panic and scream this is the end while the rest of the EQ vets just sit back and take it a week at a time. We plan on this every year and summer low numbers is a constant due to kids out of school, vacations, or just this funny nice weather outside. Give it time and the numbers return. Right now we're hitting content out of three expansions and farming the Hard Core Heritage Naggy every chance we can for great augs. Low numbers are also turning out to be an advantage on loot for gearing out on broken mirror armor. And if you are feeling burned out come join us for Heroic Wednesday on a toon of your choosing for older content. Our numbers are pretty much constant mid 30ies to low 40ies meaning the targets are whatever comes to mind for levels 85 and higher. As always, See you in Norrath! --Tanalos--
"The Mobs Continue To Drop For CV!
Saturday April 23 2016 - submitted by tanalos at 09:35pm 0 Comments

23 APR 16
Fright, Dread, AND Terror take a dirt nap! First time kills on both Fright and Terror unlocking more vendor loot and our first time seeing the chest of cloaks and fun filled treats. For one chest to drop after killing 3 separate raid mobs you'd hope they'd pack that sucker. It's been a darn good week for CV/ES together on these mobs. Here's to continued fun and mass rezing!

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